Corrects a file to the properties provided. Takes an audio file (wav/aiff/flac) and adjusts it to target and limiter settings


levelFileProcess(infile, outfile, props)


an object with loudness info and input properties


infile (string)
path to uncompressed audio file (wav/aiff/flac)
outfile (string)
path to non-existant output file path. In existing folder.
props (object)
with these properties


props (object) with these properties

- AdjustLevel_NoLimit (float) the gain change in dB
- NeedLimiting (bool) enable the limiter
- LimitThresholddB (float) peak limiter threshold in dB

This function adjusts audio files (wav, aiff and flac) to a target level (loudness or peak). This is often used together with the levelFileAnalyse function.

/* Input file */
var infile = "/Users/Wouter/Documents/infile.aiff";

/* Output file */
var outfile = "/Users/Wouter/Documents/outfile.aiff";

/* Properties */
var properties = {
  "AdjustLevel_NoLimit" : 0.,
  "NeedLimiting" : true,
  "LimitThresholddB" : -1.,

/* Execute the function */
var rtn = levelFileProcess(infile, outfile, properties);

/* Print the results of the funtion in the log */


To keep track of the progress, add a LevelFileProcess_Progress(file, progress) function. It is called when levelFileProcess() is busy. The callback contains 2 arguments, the file path as string. And the progress as float from 0. to 1. which can be used in combination with setProgress() to keep the user informed.