Definitions is an end-user desktop application that can run 'recipes', to perfrom custom and/or predefined tasks. Designed for the media production environment it is commonly used on a (set of) file(s). It aids production workers in reducing errors through QA (quality control) and reducing manual actions. Which increases workflow and saves time. For more information see


Recipes are data files written in a lite version of JavaScript. They contain a header with details and a script which is a set of instructions executed by the These recipes are signed by the author aka 'chef', with an unique 'spice'. By recognizing or rejecting this spice, the source of the recipe can be verified. This creates a trust layer of security to keep malicious scripts out.

Usually a script has one core task (for example convert a file to a certain format) but can support many simple to complex online tasks. From file path checks, for invalid characters in the filenames. To calling a server for collecting data and uploading results. is an IDE (Integrated development environment) for writing recipes. It's a code editor and gives the abillity to test and debug recipes. can be used free of charge without guarantees or warranties. For more information see