Article: Reclaiming Sovereign Automation


In this article we delve into the evolving landscape of automation. It challenges the reliance on Software as a Service (SaaS). And discusses the advantages and the empowerment of local control over SaaS. Highlighting issues like transparency, performance, cybersecurity, and costs.

[Aug 2023] (4 min read)

Reclaiming Sovereign Automation

The technology landscape is rapidly evolving, Software as a Service (SaaS) has been replacing traditional methods. The convenience of cloud-based services has reshaped how we approach automation. It's time to pause and reflect on whether SaaS is always the optimal choice. The rise of SaaS has led to a gradual shift away from local control, with implications that demands attention.

Pursuit of Autonomy

As industries continue to embrace automation, retaining control over processes becomes paramount. Local automation offers an advantage by placing the reins back in the hands of the user. With the power to customize, change, and tailor processes. Businesses can fine-tune operations according to their unique requirements. Which is a level of flexibility that SaaS often struggles to match.

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Pitfalls of Outsourcing Core Competencies

While the convenience of SaaS solutions is undeniable, the risks associated with outsourcing should be on notice. Entrusting critical operations to external parties not only lessens transparency. It also elevates the vulnerability of processes. An overreliance on SaaS solutions could leave businesses exposed to service disruptions. Resulting in operational setbacks that could have been averted through local control.

Opting for local solutions empowers businesses with ownership over their processes. Allowing them to orchestrate operations based on their preferences and priorities. Keeping control not only minimizes the risk of external service disruptions. It also ensures that businesses maintain sovereignty in the ever-evolving technological landscape.

Performance and Transparency

One of the vulnerabilities of SaaS lies in its susceptibility to internet outages. While cloud-based services offer convenience, they become ineffective when the connection falters. Such outages can bring operations to a grinding halt. It underscores the need for more control. An approach that maintains functionality even in the absence of internet connectivity.

As businesses entrust processes to SaaS providers, a certain level of transparency is also sacrificed. This lack of clarity can hinder a thorough understanding of operations, making it challenging to identify potential areas for improvement. In contrast, a local process ensures that every step of the process is visible, fostering a deeper comprehension. Which leads to enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

SaaS cloud solutions may lead to users waiting for specific functions to become available. This delay, dictated by the service provider's timeline, can impede productivity. The advantage of instant adaptation of self owned processes, allows businesses to tailor functions according to their needs, without the constraints of external timelines.

The performance of SaaS solutions hinges on internet speed, which can pose challenges when dealing with data mobility. Moreover, as more users join the platform, performance can degrade over time due to increased demand. This performance deterioration can compromise productivity. It is important for businesses to consider solutions that offer consistent and reliable performance.

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Maintaining Cybersecurity and Costs

Shared infrastructure among SaaS providers can create an appealing target for cybercriminals. The nature of these services makes them susceptible to breaches. It puts sensitive data at risk. Local processes enhances the control over security and safeguards.

While SaaS may appear cost-effective, the price can skyrocket as usage expands. This growth in costs can lead to wasteful spending and vendor lock-in. Businesses find it challenging to switch providers due to entangled dependencies. In contrast, self owned solutions provide the flexibility to manage and maintain costs and avoid unexpected financial burdens.

Service-level agreements (SLAs) are often touted as safety nets. Yet without a full understanding of their intricacies, businesses can fall into a pit of confusion. Leading to unmet expectations and unexpected costs. Emphasizing the need for a different approach that grants businesses full transparency over the terms of their operations.

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The balance between convenience and control is pivotal. The assurance of control and customization of processes, ensures that automation becomes a tool for empowerment rather than dependence.

Time to take back control

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