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2024/03/01 - Progress March 2024

2024/02/15 - Download video (clip)

This recipe downloads a video from nearly any online page

2024/02/01 - Progress Feb 2024

2023/11/01 - Progress November 2023

2023/10/21 - Rumble emote

Create gif emotes from video clips compatible with Rumble

2023/10/17 - Turbo Trim video

Make a clip of a video very quickly

2023/10/01 - Progress October 2023

2023/09/16 - Challenges in Cross-Platform Scripting

This article explores the intricacies of cross-platform scripting using shell and batch languages.

2023/09/15 - Cut video X/Twitter

Split up videos to the x/twitter file share 2:20 time limit

2023/09/15 - Rotate Video

Fix the rotation angle of a vertical or upside down video

2023/09/14 - Video to GIF

Convert video file parts in to a GIF file.

2023/09/01 - Progress September 2023

2023/08/15 - Instagram video clip

Convert a video to the Instagram share screen ratio and time limit.

2023/08/15 - Reclaiming Sovereign Automation

In this article we delve into the evolving landscape of automation. It challenges the reliance on Software as a Service (SaaS). And discusses the advantages and the empowerment of local control over SaaS. Highlighting issues like transparency, performance, cybersecurity, and costs.

2023/07/15 - Detect video chapters

Add chapters to a video using FFmpeg automatic scene change detection

2023/07/15 - Recipe: Image transparent background

Adds a transparent background to images by using a color from one corner of the image.