Progress September 2023

September has been a busy month for us. Here is a list of notable work.

- Major web front and backend upgrades to manage the assets.

- Updated the .dev site layout

- Published article Challenges in Cross-Platform Scripting

- We added new recipes and updated old ones. Check the lab and

Software changes

.dev updates

256:added change log to about

262:added dialog button swap isokay and iscancel

.app updates

247:changed tool install process to be more intuitive

256:added open cookbook hotkey and filter focus and added new string functions

261:added apple main file menu,fix tools installers

262:added dialog button swap isokay and iscancel

268:added app detection in advanced setting

core updates

0.5.7: added more default string manipulation functions

0.5.8: added getApproximateTimeDescription, getTimeDescription, getTimeComponents